So I Ran 5k At the Pinkathon Last Sunday

So I ran 5k at the Pinkathon last Sunday!

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s this multicity marathon for only for women, that helps encourage women’s health and fitness. It also aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and the preventive measures people can take.

The publicists do their job really well- every day I got reminders and Pinkathon stuff in my newsfeed so I wasn’t ever likely to forget about it.

I’d been practicing for it, for about a month, but waking up at 4 AM to get to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on time is something no teenager will ever be completely okay with.

There were 4 races – the 21k, the 10k, the 5k (which I did) and the 3k.

The awesome thing was that I got to run it with my mum and sister. Okay, they were running only the 3k, but still!

We had to go pick up our IDs and T-shirts and quite a lot of Nescafe Slim Milk the day before the actual marathon from Select CityWalk Mall, after which we wandered around this chocolate festival going on at the mall, sampling stuff, which kind of defeated the purpose of a marathon, but it was fun nevertheless.

The T-shirts were really nice and affirmative. Well, really affirmative. Like instead of the sizes being small, medium and large they were cute, sweet, special and extra-special!

When we walked into the stadium, a sea of pink hit us. It was loud and crazy and PINK! People were taking selfies, warming up, talking, dancing and generally having a good time.

The RJ was way more excited than the rest of us, but we had woken up at 4 AM (!), so I guess that accounts for our initial lack of enthusiasm. The RJ though, was having ball and really pumping up the crowd!

There was a lot of insanely loud pop-bright happy music of the sort that I don’t normally listen to (because I’m into weird indie alt stuff and I look down upon the mainstream….just kidding, it was great.)

So when we actually started running from the flag-off point, I was doing really well for , like, one single kilometer.

After which I huffed and I puffed and I actually completed it! My first marathon!

We got medals! These cool-looking black medallions with affirmative things written, something along the lines of ‘I’m a Finisher’!  We also got fruit juice and biscuits, which I thought was very kind.

It was my first marathon ever and I have to say even though it was quite tiring it was also really fun!

Btw, I’m gonna be going for the the Airtel Great Delhi Run in November! ;P

Author: Rhea Talitha

Author: Rhea Talitha


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