Pornography, What’s the Big Deal

If you’re a teenager and you live in India, I think it’s safe to say that life is pretty difficult; the teenage years are the years of curiosity, certain hormones cause us to react to certain things in ways that are very new to us and the problem with our society is that a majority of the responsible adults aren’t ready to discuss these problems openly with you and help you walk through it.

So you take matters into your own hands and you walk into the world of pornography, well because it’s “educational”. Nowadays with our lives depending on the Internet it is extremely easy to access a porn site. Now what happens is, you watch a video and as you experiment around with your body you think, “hey, watching porn makes me feel so good” and so you start watching more often. Slowly it turns into a habit and it’s all you think about.

After a while the vanilla category just doesn’t do it for you and you move to categories that one wouldn’t even believe exist, like rape. Although the videos say that its all consensual, who knows what happens behind the camera?  

Honestly I have watched my share of porn, there’s no denying that but it was only after a workshop organized by Commotion about pornography that I understood what it is all about, and how it’s anything but educational. The pornography industry is the biggest in the world, who do they make money off? Teenagers! But as they say the more the devil gets, the more he wants and so they are now targeting kids, and by kids I mean 6 year olds, 7 year olds, 8 year olds and so on, and if you’ve noticed there are some game sites that kids use that have hyperlinks to porn sites.

Now imagine kids getting introduced to the world of porn, and as they grow up; like teenagers they too move to the extremely descriptive categories and some of the boys learn that “no” doesn’t mean “no” in real life as well.

If we talk about the girls, they grow insensitive to certain aspects of life as they see girls in pornographic videos “liking” the fact that they are treated in such pathetic ways. In fact during the workshop we found out that at times the girls who are starring in the film start crying and so they stop filming and let her cry it out only to start all over again.

So, how can one actually make a difference and do something about porn? Well first off, stop watching it. Just stop, and then talk to people about it, tell them why you think pornography is not good.

If you wish to discuss this with adults the first step would be to make them understand that porn and sex aren’t taboo words and then tell them about your opinion regarding the topic.

I’m not asking you to do a lot, all I’m asking you to do is talk, and everybody loves to talk. So go ahead and do your part and make a difference.

* A School Student

3 thoughts on “Pornography, What’s the Big Deal

  1. I know how difficult it is to keep your eyes away from this wicked world of Porn…I being a spiritual person too am addicted to it .
    And I know its of no use.. And its like a mental disorder but as you have suggested one should first stop and learn all about it and its adverse effect on the mind and body.


    1. So glad that people are open and ready to discuss issues like these.Issues that seem minor but are actually tearing our generation’s life apart piece by piece,link by link,site by site.Bravo.


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