A Tribute to Avinash Rout

We have all experienced loss in our lives.

Right now, I would like to draw your attention to the devastating tragedy dealt to an unfortunate couple losing their only beloved son.

His name was Avinash Rout and he was an extremely talented and capable boy who was loved and admired by his parents, teachers and friends.

From the beginning we have all been taught that death is a phenomenon that cannot be prevented or stopped, but after the incident that took place in Delhi due to sheer carelessness and insensitivity of the medical authorities, I believe that death can be prevented if a person gets sufficient medical care on time.

I personally believe that it was not fate, it was irresponsibility that a young boy who was barely seven years old lost his life suffering from dengue, a disease which is curable if diagnosed and medicated on time.

But the bad news hasn’t ended here, after the unexpected death of Avinash, his parents couldn’t take the trauma and they committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of the building that they lived in.

So here we have lost three lives because of the lack of concern and alertness of people. I am saying this because Avinash wasn’t taken to one, but five hospitals and still ended up losing his life.

It was an extremely emotional moment when the principle of Sahodya School in South Delhi asked the students of his class ‘’who is Avinash Routs friend?’’ and the entire class of 39 students raised their hands without any hesitation which rarely happens in today’s schools. A boy who was and will be remembered for times to come for his intelligence and innocence. According to his teachers, he never complained about anything at all. Contentment is not a quality seen in most people today and I personally salute this seven year old boy for not being like others.

While speaking about Avinash, his class teacher, Sister Prabha, took out his notebook full of revision tests with full marks; a drawing of a traffic signal with red, yellow and green lights; a labelled sketch of the human face, again full marks. A boy with a bright future, brought up with lots of love and a strong emphasis on moral values left us with memories of pride and at the same time with a lot of sorrow.

I really hope and pray that Avinash and his parents are in a happier place and that their souls rest in peace. As far as medical authorities are concerned strict action should be taken against the hospitals who rejected Avinash due to the lack of beds. Each and every hospital had the capacity of making alternative arrangements.

There is no way now that this tragic event can be reversed or changed but the only way one can do justice to Avinash and his family is by making sure that such a big crime will not be repeated again.

By writing this article I pay a tribute to him and this is the least I can do.

Remember we live life only once and it is extremely important to live it well for ourselves and for others.

Ala7Y49t2cknAgM2W1QXwqQR990Q-2oDGjr5rfk4K74kAuthor: Nitya Mimasa

Photo Credits:


Misha Sokolnikov (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/legalcode)



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