Photography Competition: People are Beautiful

11958310_939967766060997_1028704405905659501_o (1)Commotion brings to you the second “People are Beautiful” photography competition. Participate and win exciting smartphone photography gear!

The Campaign: ‘People are Beautiful’ has a simple message: All people are beautiful. The aim  is to break down walls that exist between people because of issues like gender, skin colour, caste, economy, language, ethnicity or age.

The Competition: Using any camera, take a picture that you think communicates the beauty of human beings while taking a stand against how popular media defines it.

Submit it to us by 25th May 2016 and get a chance to win exciting smartphone photography gear.

Each individual is allowed 3 entries.

Your entry can be submitted on any of our online channels:

On our Facebook Page

On Instagram (use #peoplearebeautiful and #brewyourview)

Or Email Us:

Feature Photo: Devanath

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