For my parents

A new born foal barely in control of its legs

Tries to ski jump across the Nordic mountains

You gave her a pair of skis and told her to fear nothing

For gravity will keep her grounded

It was never easy high up on the mountains

But there she sought her way as deftly as a mountain goat

Her legs are growing muscular

Remember how you trained us once upon a time papa?

When you told us stories of Muhammad Ali

And his daughter?

You taught us to appreciate physical strength

And cultivate it with patience

Mei, I taught them, these mountain people

The song of U Sier Lapalang

They echoed this song in an unknown tongue

A lamentation of a mother’s loss

You both must know I cannot forget where I come from 

My dreams travel back the miles I came

Rewinding to that time when you both

Fought back your emotions as you chose to let me go

Because you believed dreams are like shooting stars 

You catch them only if you are swift enough

They burn you for the blazing ball of fire that they are

But fire feeds fire

And mine is a fire that comes from a passion that has grown over the years

From that spark of faith in both your eyes

You let me fly


Author: Lapdiang Syiem

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