Stunned by the un-admirable silences, I put my pillow aside and stand up to see the world at night, which is all so different than what it appears to be when the sun is almost visible.

I look outside the window and see the buildings which strangely look very pleasing and I don’t know if it’s just me or do they summon deep thoughts in your head too?

What does it really feel like to be that tall?

Or to say something which will never fail to capture your attention?

Am I worthy of being there?

Where I think I’d be?

This life will surely not provide me an easy way to make it to the top.

I will hit the rocks more often than reach a safe shore.

I will fall a million times before being able to stand on my own.

I will drown in the shallow waters before I even catch sight of the deep side.

I’ll fail miserably before the appreciation and the praising.

I will climb the first two steps of the ladder and it’ll just collapse into a parallel set of wood.

How can I track down the missing steps, to reach the immense heights I’ve always dreamt of?

Within. All answers lie within me.

Keep knocking on the door of your unconscious.

Move past your failures and widen your imagination.

You will get to the shore as the rocks submerge into the water.

You’ll walk with your head held high without the fear of falling down.

You will experience the depth and leave the shallow waters behind.

The ladder will seem like a cakewalk.

And once you’re there, observing the ladder fading away below and being considered as one of the buildings by this world, you’ll know what it takes to get there.

These buildings are made through years of hard work and determination and so are you.

Jeevika Mattoo

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