Dear Future


Dear future,

every time I look into your eyes

I see the laughter of me and my kin,

the sunrise 

over the land for lovers

the hands intertwined.

Then I realise

the only thing I see

is the shallow reflection of how I want it to be. 

Dear future,

every time I look into your eyes

I see nothing.

Who can read what you have in your heart

or start to perceive your thoughts 

I thought that I could,

I can not.

As a third culture kid in 12th grade, my future is obscured in mist and ambiguity. I don’t know what is coming next. I thought that I knew. I had it all figured out. I was gonna go to Virginia(the land for lovers) then go to the same college as my girlfriend. I was going to be a musician, study, live, and breathe music for every remaining moment of my existence. NOPE, life tore through my perceptions. 

No, we can not know the future. We cannot know if we will succeed or fail. We cannot know the best way to go, it’s just not possible. However, we can live. We can stumble through the midst of life. In that stumbling, we discover something beautiful, the journey.  

Author: Satoshi Seth
Author: Satoshi Seth

4 thoughts on “Dear Future

  1. Toshi –

    Thank you for sharing this! So what did life do to your plan? What are you planning now? We would love to have you come to Colorado if that fits God’s plan for your future!
    Lynn Jeffers


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