The Unending (Wo)Man War

shackles-1705300_1920The girls in college said, “girls can do things ‘even’ the boys can’t”. The boys laughed with a, “you bet”, and in the war of power, the charm of equality lost its stature.

Over the decades and centuries the world has been  fighting for equality, but when did this fight turn into a feeble war between the sexes, no one knows. All of us are responsible for this balderdash transition from a struggle to attain ‘gender equality’ to a ‘battle of the sexes’, and this is the reason why “equality” is still a far-fetched dream.

Why this war? What are we trying to prove? The idea of equality has always been associated with women being equal to men. Yes! This is how it started and this is how it needed to start. But when everything is changing at such a great pace, why not reanalyze this idea of equality.

If we look into this idea of “equality”, though unintentionally, we put one sex at a higher pedestal over the other. The male sex takes the place of a role model, which the female sex needs to copy to attain that equal level in society.

The women are joining the workforce ‘like’ the men.The women can fight ‘like’ men. The women can drink ‘like’ men. The women can ‘drive’ like men. Oh God! A woman lost her individuality while acting ‘like’ a man. Why can’t women join the workforce like they should or fight like they should, drink like they should and drive like they should? A heroine of a film does not need to be the ‘hero’ of the film to prove her being the protagonist. She can be the heroine and the protagonist at the same time.

The most powerful and beautiful idea that has been brutally assaulted by this war between the sexes is the idea of ‘Feminism’. Swayed the world off its feet by its strong message of ‘woman empowerment’, feminism, is badly analyzed, (by a bunch of dolts) as a comparison between men and women to prove that women are more powerful than their male counterparts. This bad analysis portrayed a lot of ‘true feminists’ as ‘man haters’.

The most typical image one gets about an individual who is a feminist is that, first, the individual must be a woman. Second, she should be dressed up in an extremely ‘crisp and decent’ Indian attire, and definitely, with a big bindi on her forehead. Well in the real world, a feminist can be a girl wearing shorts and a crop top talking about women empowerment. In fact, a feminist can be a man who can stand for the women of his world. In whole, a feminist can be anyone who believes in the empowerment and equality of the human beings without any discrimination and hatred against anyone.

Just remember the most recent and wonderful example of feminism showcased by the Indian entertainment industry titled ‘Pink’. The fight for justice for the victims was joined by all including Deepak Sehgal, their lawyer, who brilliantly exposed the hypocrisy of the society. Also remember Sarla Premchand, the lady inspector who added to the misery of the victims. What we need to understand by this is that ‘Feminism’ is an idea that should not be restricted by cliché thoughts, it is way more colossal, deep and powerful. It can change society in the best way possible.

Before being a woman or a man, we all are human beings with equal rights and equal power. We have been a part of this Earth to maintain the ‘balance’ of the human world. And to maintain that balance, we need each other’s ‘respect’, ‘support’ and ‘love’. If the woman has been showered with the power of giving birth to a whole new life, the man has the power to secure that life and together they both have the power to nourish that life. We need not fight against the opposite sex but need to call out a war against sexual oppression, and remember, the victims and the culprits to this crime could be anyone.

Author: Prerna Sharma

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